Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Labor Day! #morethanathreedayweekend

Yes, Labor Day is more than a three day weekend.
Does your class know the reason we celebrate and why?
This information packed fun filled packet will help you help them discover the reason.
This packet is written for students age K to 3 so activities are differentiated.
There is a Labor Dispute (all about school and them as the student) activity.
An opportunity for them to choose a career of their choice and a mini book on careers.
Students will also read facts about information they learned.

Vocabulary is key with words for posting, a making words, ABC order, Parts of Speech and a Word Search.

Reading includes three levels, all filled with informational text.

Students are provided writing activities to write about what they learned.

I also included an addition a subtraction math game (differentiated) so if you wanted to do a themed day there would be activities for each subject area.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Summer Vacation...Writing and 'Selfie' Freebie!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacations!
All too soon we will be "back to school"!
Here is a little FREEBIE for you to share with your class.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard!
What a great crew!
Ahoy Matey!
This is an adorable nautical classroom theme!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It's an OO 'Round Up'!

This packet is ideal for student practice, review, and enrichment.
It includes activities, games, and vocabulary.

The BINGO has pictures and vocabulary.  You choose!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Danny Steele is a principal and has worked with and observed many classroom teachers.
He writes:

I always use to love going to meetings and sitting in the lounge blaming students for not understanding.  How often have you heard...THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!  THIS CLASS DID SO POORLY ON THE TEST!
These statements do not bother me as long as they are followed by...I NEED TO LOOK AT WHAT I AM DOING AND SEE WHAT I CAN CHANGE SO THEY WILL GET IT OR THEY WILL DO WELL ON THE TEST.
Notice this takes the blame off the students and just moving on accepting the fact they don't get it or did poorly to WHAT CAN I DO!

In my mind I am wondering if learning can take place without a good relationship with kids.
Teachers with a solid relationship with kids encourage, accept, praise, and care.
Research has shown that students working with teachers they trust and those they know believe in them make the most progress.
Is a great lesson enough or does the relationship have to be in place?
Food for thought!
In my opinion great teachers have both.
As much as we hate to admit it summers are time to refresh and regenerate new ideas!
What are you working on?

After my own children began school I really understood the meaning behind this statement.
One time I had my parents fill out a questionnaire right after school began.
My goal was to discover what they wanted for their child in the upcoming school year as a student in my classroom.  
The majority of them responded with 'they wanted their child to be happy, love learning, and love coming to school'.
If I had a wish for my children I know it would be similar.
What would your response be?

This could be one of the biggest challenges every teacher faces.
I always try to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones.
What works for you?

This post will be ongoing.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Classroom Decor...Colorful and Editable!

Here is a colorful classroom theme that will work the entire school year.
It will save you time and money!
It is colorful and editable so you can add your special touch.
The packet contains suggestions and directions.

The letters can be copied and laminated then posted for WELCOME BACK!
I love using the acrylic frames in my classroom and these anchor charts fit perfectly.
Finally there are several color pennants you can hang on a colorful ribbon for a banner.

Next there are name tags.  I use some for lockers and the small ones for name tags for open house and the first day.  Run the small name tags on full label sheets so they will self stick.

These name tags are used on student tables.  They have an alphabet and a number line.
There are also table signs.  They can be hung or mounted on the table.

My favorite bulletin board every year is our class photos.
It stays up all year.  I take a photo at the beginning, middle, and end to see how we grow!

This alphabet is so cute for posting.
It matches the kidlettes theme

The numbers are also the kidlettes theme and match the alphabet.

These are used around the clock.
It is so helpful when the students are learning to tell time.

Here are items for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY board.
Several cupcakes for student's birthdates.
Colorful pennants to make a birthday banner.
Letters for title.
Clip art for decorating.

I always make my own calendar.
There are the months, numbers to 31, days of the week.

I post this for behavior.  I do not clip up and down but I do point to the sign and use eye contact with student.  There are also behavior notes for home/school connection.

These labels are great for how we get home.
There is an editable sheet for listing student names and how they get home or use the name cards below.

Put velcro on the job card and the student name cards.
Then you can change the jobs daily.

There are 6 signs for posting in center areas. Acrylic frames work great!

It includes a teacher binder (editable) cover and signs for the pencil sharpener area.
I put them on boxes.