Monday, December 21, 2015


What kiddo doesn't get excited when they lose a tooth!!??
This packet is perfect for your classroom and very little work.
All you need is a notebook.
On the insert place the cover in color or black and white for Our Class Tooth Book.

                                                                                                      Print a page for each child either black and white or color and place them in the notebook.
As a child loses a tooth they record the information by making a tally, adding the information, or both.  YOUR CHOICE!!
Keep a well stocked supply of badges for the kiddo to wear when they lose a tooth, baggies to put the tooth in if it falls out at school, AND the MY TOOTH INSIDE.
I staple the baggie shut so the student is not tempted to open it and lose the tooth before they get home!!

                                                   These also are available in color or black and white.

I also give a prize for losing a tooth.  INEXPENSIVE...

If you wish the student can have FREE time the next day to write about their Tooth Fairy experience.
I then have them sit in a special chair and share...Great for evaluating Speaking for the standards.!!

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  1. This is really cute! Thank you so much for sharing. My class will love it!