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January is so much fun.  It is the start of a new year and an opportunity for a FRESH start!
I have given each and every January Product a "FRESH" look.  As I updated them I tried to add rigor and more activities to support the standards.  I am a firm believer that even if you have a reading or math program selected by your district adding THEMES and activities that support the THEMES of  the season make learning fun and when it is fun your kiddos will want to engage!

So let's take a look at some of those January Themes.
First off...NEW YEARS!  This packet has not only America's New Year but Chinese New Year.
It is the perfect opportunity for comparing cultures and traditions.
This packet contains:  informational text, reading for detail, comprehension activities, word work, writing, and math!!  There is a craft and suggested literature for each celebration!

Next up we have Martin Luther King.
A perfect opportunity to enhance the understanding of cultural changes and American Heroes.
This packet uses a wonderful "read aloud" to help the kiddos understand the meaning of EQUALITY.
The Crayon Box that Talked.
It continues with informational text, comprehension, reading for detail and so much more.

I use January to really hit the standards related to Informational Text and Report Writing.
The two packets I use are The Arctic and Penguins.  The kiddos LOVE reading about these animals and the Inuit People of the Arctic.
Both packets contain Informational Text, Graphic Organizers for gathering facts, Writing, Report Writing, Compare and Contrast Activities and SO MUCH MORE.  The crafts are adorable and perfect for decorating and displaying.  More information about each packet can be found on the TpT store.  By clicking find out more...It will bring up a blog page with many details and examples!

Creating these packets is MY FAVORITE.  There is nothing more fun that sharing a "read aloud" with the class and then focusing on the details through out centers.  I love the giggles, sighs, smiles, creative thinking, and sharing that take place while gathered together.
Again more details can be found by clicking on the link on the TpT store.
Each packet has comprehension strategies (compare/contrast, cause/effect, predictions, recall, definitions, inferences), word work, writing (narrative, opinion, informational).

                                                                                                 Check out all the favorite literature suggested with activities to accompany these stories!!

Similar but this packet is ALL SNOWMAN stories!!

These packets use specific stories.
I Wear A Jacket in the Snow
The First Day of Winter.

The calendar is such a wonderful "DAILY" activity.  So much learning takes place in this!!

And what fun with POETRY!!  There are four poems, one for each week, and they all are a similar format.  

Find them here.
My favorite is the calendar!!

I love the self correcting that accompanies this!

And as always my friends there are FREEBIES!


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