Monday, October 16, 2017

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...Literacy Companion Activities!

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Das Pilkey
This is a favorite story of mine.
Each time I read it I chuckle at the characters and how the children solve the problem.
This packet was designed to bring the story into classroom curriculum.

There are vocabulary cards for posting.
The first comprehension page is utilizing story element.
Comprehension strategies also include favorite part, predicting, and sequencing.
Have small groups pick one of the activities to complete and then come together as a whole class to share.

There are two graphic organizers for thought gathering along with an opinion writing page.

Your class can write and then you can create a class book.
Children always love reading each others writing.

There are two word work activities and math activities for you centers or whole group experiences.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

How to cook a turkey!...YOU TELL ME HOW TO DO IT!

I always love listening to the kiddos share HOW TO COOK A TURKEY!
Now you can complete a writing activity with this theme.
There are 5 different (4 shown here) graphic organizers for students to gather their thoughts.
I tried to differentiate the activities.

Finally the writing pages with a class cover book.
Again the writing pages are differentiated.

The First Thanksgiving...Reader's Theater and Activities

Looking for a class play or and opportunity for a reader's theater?
This packet is for you.

There are 10 cast members with the ship crew and native friends allowing for more than one to participate.

There are costume suggestions and name plaques for the participants.

Following the reading there are activities for comprehension, sequencing and predicting.

My favorite is the Class Compact!!

Let's Write With a November Theme

I love engaging students to write using literature.
This packet focuses on four of my favorites.
Time to Sleep...Fleming
A Turkey for Thanksgiving...Bunting
The Night Before Thanksgiving...Pilkey
Duck for President...Cronin

The packet includes a Workbook for grammar and editing and a Journal for final writes.

Each story focuses on a skill.
This month is all about nouns.

Lesson Plans are included.
There are three differentiated graphic organizers for gathering thoughts to meet all levels of needs.

Next there are two levels of writing for the 1st draft.
Next students edit.

Finally the students prepare their final write.
These are kept in their journal.
Again there are differentiated styles of final writes to meet student needs.

I also included a cover for each story to create a class book.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Fun Filled November Writing Project!

I love this writing project for November.
Perfect for a meaningful activity that can be use to encourage creative writing and decorate your hall or room.

Cute crafts for the writing.

Pre writing activities for idea gathering.

Final writing pages.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Veterans Day...November 11th

This is such a special day to have your class thank a veteran OR share about people from their families who have or are serving in the armed forces.

There is vocabulary for posting and an adorable craft.
Boy or girl and you can camouflage it by using thumb prints.
Perfect as a page topper of hanging in the room.

There is informational text of all forms and levels for your class to read about Veterans Day.
The mini book is 8 pages.

Following the text there are comprehension activities.
Have your class use the text to respond.

I have provided a graphic organizer and two writing activities.

Word work includes ABC order, parts of speech, word search and making words.

The packet ends with two math games for your center.